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Alan Wong is a multidisciplinary Mexican artist currently residing in Puerto Rico. With a Bachelor's degree in health science, his interest of anatomy and psychology significantly influences his artistic style. Wong's creations serve as a tribute to human diversity, as he explores into the realms of symbolism, human anatomy and religion. Through his fusion of these defining elements of humanity, he creates celestial and repugnant beings that embody the beauty and vulnerability of the human mind. By crafting abstract entities, Wong celebrates the evolution of both the body and the psyche.
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Artist Residency - CASA LÜ , Mexico City
summer 2023

La Linea Art Gallery, Puerto Rico
April 20/2023

BADA, Mexico City
Feb 10-12/2022

Botanical Garden, San Juan , PR
jan 27 / 2022

"CODED ICONIC" virtual -the holy art, London UK
Nov 12 - 19 / 2021
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