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This exhibition is about the appreciation of beautiful and grotesque, giving a playful sense to our mortality. It’s about sharing a different perspective towards physical transcendence and the audience’s relationship with what’s divine to them. Also making peace with the feeling of holding life and death simultaneously in both hands. Showcasing playful palettes and contradictory imagery, humor and gross co-exist within the work.
For this show, Wong worked across different disciplines like painting and sculpting. Inviting you to dive into the exploration of body anatomy and the ever-changing nature of being human. It's an invitation to embrace the contradictions and complexities of our existence."
My interest and relationship with piñatas represent a cycle, from the acquisition of candies to the destruction of the piñata. This representation reflects mortality, which I celebrate through my artistic work. My art aims to highlight the contrast between the beautiful and the repulsive, recognizing how they coexist. That's why the piñata is always a cause for celebration, as today we celebrate divine mortality."
Maria Candelaria (2024)
Mix media sculpture
(paper, metal wire and clay)
_Birth of_ (2024)
Birth of    (2024)
Acrylic on canvas 
H 45" ; W 70"

Uno para el otro (2024)
Acrylic on canvas
H 45" ; W 70"

Uno para el otro(2024)
Acrylic on canvas
H 36" ; W 24"

Hierba mala (2024)
Mix media 
on canvas
H 38" ; W 32"

untitled (2023)
Acrylic on canvas
H 18" ; W 32"

Que se queme todo y que de la lluvia que apague este fuego, nazca vida del lodo de sus cenizas (2023)
Mix media on canvas
H 67" ; W 48"

Closer (2024)
Mix media on frame
(nature collab)
H 44" ; W 35"

Untitled (2023)
Acrylic on canvas
H 11" ; W 8"

Decay  (2024)
Digital print on archive paper
H 24" ; W 18"

1995 - ????
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